We believe that the migration of smart and talented youth can only be stopped with the help of decent living and working conditions, support programs, and stable economics. Without these measures, it's unreasonable to expect that young specialists will choose to have a family in Moldova and develop our economy instead of moving to live abroad.
We don't agree with the current state of affairs, so withing Grafit Holding, we are trying to help young families and those that are planing to start a family. A large part of our team are with ages between 25 and 35 years old. We understand how important it is to support them, so here is the list of the things that we do for them:

· An opportunity to earn up to MDL 14,000 a month with the condition of knowing at least one European language;
· We provide an opportunity for young mothers on maternity leave, to work remotely. We value our employees and don't want the parents to be torn between taking care of a newborn and their career;
· Flexible schedule for employees with little children. The first several years of a child's life are particularly important. Young parents can adapt their workday, so that they can spend more time with the child or, as an option, finish their work at home after getting their child from the daycare;
· We managed to make an arrangement with Mobiasbanca about beneficial refinancing and mortgage loan conditions at a low-interest rate of 3.5% annually;
· We hold internal entertainment events with gifts for our children: in September, on the Day of Knowledge for those studying in 1-4 grades and a New Year's Day celebration in December;
· We offer a present to young mothers and fathers for their newborn babies;
· We guarantee the working position to young mothers when they get back from maternity leave. Childbirth is not a career drawback. We want our employees to be confident about the day of tomorrow.

The change for a better living needs to start from ourselves. If we want Moldova to prosper, it's necessary to help young families in every company. Only then we are going to get one step closer to the situation when home is the best place to be.
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